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(Temporary solution)
(15/01/2003 @ 20:39) by

The host won't be ready untill Saturday at best, so in the meantime, we're back at home with the login: LoginServer=r0x0r.kicks-ass.net,2593

Enjoy Keera

(14/01/2003 @ 22:01) by

Due to problems beyond my control, we'll have to wait some more before the shard is back up on the T1 host.

Shard should be back up in: 2 days.

PS: Keep checking this indicator as it'll become more accurate with time and known information.

(13/01/2003 @ 22:22) by

Well, it looks like the shard won't be back up tonight, 'cause we will be moving again shortly. Yep, Keera found its third host within this week
So stay tuned, I'll keep you informed.

PS: Meanwhile, why not clicking on some ads or go vote for the shard on the UO TOP100 ?

(13/01/2003 @ 13:10) by

Sorry, our host closed us, it looks like they needed the PC that was hosting it, so that mean that we will be back on my computer, after the setting is done, which will probably be tonight (approx. 9 hours from now).

(Professional hosting)
(11/01/2003 @ 1:08) by

We're now in good hands, with a top-notch connection, a dedicated server, well the dream came true

There's a new login.cfg (yes again!) : LoginServer=keera.arthanon.com,2594.

Enjoy Keera!

(51 news) - (displaying 5)
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