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(New T1 Host (canceled))
(09/01/2003 @ 17:38) by

Thanks to , we've moved on a T1 connection!

Don't forget to change your login.cfg

PS: Update from the 09/01/03 : Unfortunately, we had to abandon the project.

(30/12/2002 @ 1:15) by

Introducing new rides in the lands of Keera: Nualmees.

They are quite powerful, eye-candy, and mythical beasts.

(Merry XMas!)
(25/12/2002 @ 18:15) by

Enjoy your XMas suits, the stone will be removed in a few days

Thanks to Grumtuk for that pic

(Rules update)
(23/12/2002 @ 22:11) by

The rules have been updated!
Read them carefully, we have done our best to make them easy to browse, not knowing them won't be an excuse!

(Donation News)
(01/12/2002 @ 16:57) by

We're entering Christmas time, and we all love to give and receive presents!

As you will login, you'll notice a new AVM in the Telecenter, it gives the opportunity to Keera Donators to buy delka items (shield, sword, extractor) for HALF THE PRICE!
Also, every person donating at least 10$ to Keera before the 31st January 2003 will now receive 100 Quest Points and 2 Trivia Points. This also applies to the persons who donated earlier.

(51 news) - (displaying 5)
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