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(The End of Keera)
(09/02/2003 @ 12:37) by

All the good things have an end, and it's a thing we must accept.
When I started Keera the 27th April 2002, I'd never thought it would have lasted so long, never thought it'd have so many players...
It has been often hard, but we've had great times. There has been many deceptions, but I always overcame them.
Don't think this is an end like there has been pauses past in Keera's timeline; this is a real end, I've planned it for some time now.
Why? Because this shard has become very time consuming for someone who is always running to catch the time flow; because things haven't been very good on the shard lastly.
But the main reason is that due to the enlargement of the player base, time and many elements, the shard has grown into something I didn't meant to.
So, for some time now I've been working on a new concept, Keera Rebirth.
That's the reason why I decided to end Keera: give me and the staff full time to work on Keera Rebirth, that way we can concentrate on the work and the project will go faster.
I've made a mailing list which will allow you to be informed about news on Keera Rebirth's developpement: click here.

So this is the end, Keera now closes its doors.

PS: Here's for you a small early preview of Keera Rebirth.

(Keera's holidays)
(07/02/2003 @ 20:04) by

Keera goes on holiday for a week, starting wednesday (12/02/03), to the 21/02/03 (approximatively).

Don't be too sad, and enjoy Keera while it's open

(Host change)
(26/01/2003 @ 19:01) by

Yes, the previous one attempted to steal the shard, which I didn't appreciated, so we're back home, warped from a week (19/01/03).

PS: The login stays the same.

(OS change)
(23/01/2003 @ 14:44) by

Ok guys, I've been away for some time, due to "technical" reasons, and I risk to be away a bit more, but I've located the problem with the new host, the OS itself!
Yep, Windows98 doesn't seem to handle that much connections, so we're changing it right now, it's gonna take some time, then some setting up, so be patient.

(Hosted at T1 speed)
(20/01/2003 @ 19:23) by

Yeah we're back on track, hosted with a T1 connection, hurrah!

There's (as usual) a new login.cfg: keera.kicks-ass.net,2593


PS: The old login will work a few days, but change it.

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