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A. General Rules on Playing on Keera
B. About Houses, Boats, Guild Stones and Player Vendors
C. About Pk'ing
D. About Staff
E. About Jail
F. Bug Exploiting, Jail Time and Cheating
G. About Macroing, etc

A. General Rules on Playing on Keera
1. Don't use any offensive or sexually explicit language. Due to the fact that younger players exits the shard.
2. Don't use any unlawful, harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, hateful, racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable language toward any other player or staff member, including making chars with offensive names to other players, or staff member.
3. Don't not organize any guilds or groups that are based on, or espouse, any racist, sexist, anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-gay, or other hate-mongering philosophy.
4. Don't not attempt to interfere with, hack into, or decipher any messages to or from the servers running Keera.
5. Don't not exploit any bug to gain unfair advantage in the game, and you will not communicate the existence of any such bug (either directly or through public posting) to any other user with exception of staff members.
6. Don't do anything else that interferes with the ability of other users to enjoy playing the game in accordance with its rules, or that increases the expense or difficulty in maintaining the service for the enjoyment of all its users.
7. Although Keera is not a role playing shard, role playing is encouraged.
8. Players found to be placing items to "block" public areas of the world will be banned. The use of magic to block public areas is allowed.
9. It is forbiden to try to harm in any way a player on telecenter, that includes but do not restrict to: attacking, snooping, stealing, haircutting. It is also forbiden to "camp" in the Telecenter, if you do that you might be warned to leave and not doing so will likely get you send to "unpleasant" places.
10. It is illegal to stay in the Newbie Dungeon with a level higher than 3, and it is also illegal to PvP in that area.
11. It is illegal to flood/spam, that will likely get you jailed
12. It is illegal to abuse of the Help Room, like using it to get out of Hell or using it to escape from traps, Help Room is only for players that are lost or don't know how to leave, which doesn't apply to the above situations.

B. About Houses, Boats, Guild Stones and Player Vendors
1. Player houses, castles, towers etc.. Must be placed at least 5 steps away from a pathway, any other house or entrance to a public area, and 50 steps from the cities and/or 20 Steps from a Fleer. Any house placed that does not follow these guidelines are subject to deletion along with items inside.
2. Guild Stones are not allowed to be placed in city limit. Guild stones Must be placed near a player building (1 step), if a guildstone is not legally placed it will be deleted without warning.
3. A NPC Player Vendor must be placed in a "Small Stone Shop", "Small Marble Shop". Wandering NPCs will get deleted. Fighting a NPC Player Vendor will get you jailed automatically.
4. Players may not harbor or confine any NPC in their housing or with other objects.
5. Players may only have two rides in a house. If we see that you break that rule, we may remove all your rides.

C. About Pk'ing
1. PK'ing is allowed as long as it is legal in it's nature. This means using an exploit to kill another player is not allowed. Killing in town limits is allowed as long as it is not an exploit that you use to do so.
2. Killing someone inside its house/tent/castle... while you're outside is a jailable offense ( Same goes the other way around, kill someone outside from inside ). You can kill someone in its house if you gained access to it legally.
3. Resurrect + Kill is ILLEGAL and you'll be jailed by doing so. There are 3 ways to rez-kill someone: a) The killed is res'ed by the killer, then killed again. b) The killed res'es at a stone in the same area, and is killed again. c) The killed is res'ed by someone else and killed again by anyone.
4. Throwing more than three explosion potions, while your opponent is paralysed is a jailable offence.

D. About Staff
1. Player names and titles are not allowed to be changed by a gm. Only under certain circumstances may they be changed by an administrator.
2. Please remember that when paging a GM, be as specific as possible. Pages asking if certain GM's are on, is a player on and so forth are not accepted and will be ignored. Pages are for in game problems, other than that, please post a message on the bulletin board. Only page when you tried all the ways to solve the problem, and paging a gm for like once every 10 minutes will likely get you jailed.
3. Insulting, or annoying a staff member will likely get you jailed.
4. A GM decision is LAW, the only persons that can change it are the GM that took it and the Admin, and bothering them to do so will likely get you more jail time or a ban...
5. Items lost in time warps, player's actions, etc ARE NOT given back to players, since they never existed.
6. Don't complain about jail or decision time, etc to another Staff member besides the Admin. Staff have Schedules and works and they dont interfere with each other's work
7. Paging a GM for something useless can get you jailed
8. Using forum to complain about a staff work can get you jailed, or raise your time in jail

E. About Jail
1. It is illegal to use another account when you are jailed. If your IP is detected, both accounts will get the punishement, and it will be increased.
2. It is illegal to try using these means to get out of jail: Help Room, going trough the gate inumerous times, killing yourself and do home home home and so on... These means dont work anyway and only cause lag.
3. It is illegal to start fights or harm players in jail, like in the Telecenter.
4. It is illegal to go visiting or inside the jail just to call guards, that will get you jailed, and if you are jailed, raising the jail time or banned.
5. Don't annoy a staff when you are jailed, unless your jail time is over and you wanna leave, don't bother staff

F. Bug Exploiting, Jail Time and Cheating
1. It is illegal to use the Neura Safe to log out.
2. It is illegal to use transparence circle to pass items trough walls.
3. It is illegal to Speed Hack.
4. It is illegal to attempt or make players and/or the shard crash.
5. The jail time is decided on how grave the infraction is and in the situation, like if its the 1st jail of the player or if he has a good explanation to the fact, but remember not convincing the GM about you explanations can get you more time for lying...

G. About Macroing, etc
1. Unattended macroing is tolerated, but be aware that we may disconnect and/or send you to "unpleasant" places, if you don't answer to us when we go and check on you.
2. Using Speech Macros is illegal, and so is everything that waste Bandwidth without reason like throwing things on telecenter and not sacrificing the monsters you kill...
3. Abusing of the Auto-Ress in boats and Unnatendedly macro on it the will get you jailed
4. Macroing calling Guards is illegal.

This rules might change by any minute, keep informed, it is a player obligation to look for and pay attention to the new rules, not knowing the rules are not an excuse to break them, always ask other players and staff for the rules, and if you aren't sure that if that is illegal don't do it, ask a GM before doing it...
The rules are available in English and in French. These are the two only official languages on Keera. If you cannot understand the rules, and break them, that won't be an excuse.