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Designed by Psycow & Iksela


Neuras are abilities you'll learn by increasing your Level and your Tier (if you don't know what a Tier is, i'd suggest you reading Keera's story).

Neuras from the Tier 0
Level Name Informations
3 Safe This Neura allow you to escape temporarly the battle to regenerate.
7 Fury
Allow to recover your life and stamina by losing your mana.
10 Manarush
Capacity to have a rush of mana, losing a small amount of life.
13 Slide Used to open a gate to a random location in the realm.
15 Sunburst This solar explosion will allow you to burn your opponents.
18 Invulnerability Become invulnerable for a short amount of time.
22 PowerRebirth
If you're close to the death, PowerRebirth will renew you!
25 HolyFire
This Neura, used by the keeper of Hell will regenerate you and create a small Sunburst.

Neuras from the Tier 1
Level Name Informations
? Surprise! Discover them by yourself :)