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So, you just arrived here and you are wondering... what kind of new stuff will I find here? Hopefully, here is your answer (life is good sometimes)!

Here's a small list ;)
  • Telecenter, where everyone can meet, chat, travel, it's the main place of the world.
  • The Telecenter is the start point of a network of gates with codes called "Fleer".
  • You can also buy a lot of goodies using AVMs (Automated Vending Machines)
  • There's even a Dye'a'Horse machine :)
  • Level system that includes special powers for leveling (abilities), they're called Neuras.
  • Fast play! Don't spend hours macroing, skill gain is easy, so you can play right away.
  • Loads of new items.
  • Bunch of new monsters.
  • Lot more than that, but check it for yourself!