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Are you willing to help Keera, to show the admin how much you love Keera?
You are free to donate the amount you want! [please donate at least 10$ or 10€, else it ain't really worth it ;)].

Q: Why would I donate?
A: Because the money won't go to buy me pizzas! It's a direct investment in the hardware and connection costs of Keera.
  It's a great deal since you help me in my quest for a way to have a better connection, you help yourself, and you get goodies! (2TP, 100QP, and all delkas items are HALF PRICE, without speaking of new things that may be added!).

Q: But down to earth, what are you gonna do NOW with my money?
A: We actually need to buy a new harddrive, more RAM, and a new processor wouldn't hurt.

The players who donated for Keera
Name Amount Date
Arcum $10.00 22.07.02
Arcum $5.00 08.08.02
Mardouk $10.00 03.11.02
Vesy Khul $15.00 03.12.02
THC $15.00 10.12.02
Vesy Khul $10.00 12.01.03
Total $65.00 13.01.03

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